The gym for your entrepreneurial muscles!


Fooling Around

Fooling around is a part of any training. Before you get serious you usually fool around cluelessly looking for something to turn you on and get you into it.

For more structured fooling around I offer some more structured tools for getting into it…

Tools for personal leadership

  • Bird in Hand – use Sarasvathy’s Bird in Hand principle to start your search for business ideas.
  • Design Your Lifestyle – think about the life you want to live, before you start thinking about what kind of business can give you that lifestyle.
  • Find Your Purpose – a simple exercise to identify what you are good at and like doing. And what you should avoid doing…

Get Strategic

Once you know what kind of sport entrepreneurship is for you, it is time to get more focused and train the muscles that you need for your specific startup. In the beginning on an analytic and a strategic level. Build your business in your head and on paper first.

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Get Real

This is when you start boxing with sparring partners or when you start playing training matches. It starts to feel pretty real!

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Column 1/3


Get Your Head Into It

Winning the game is not just about muscles. Games are often lost in the mind of entrepreneurs – so work on yourself as well as on your product and your business.