The Startup Sensei is currently running 5 workshops in the Pre Scale-up program.

Find resources for the Pre Scale-up program here…

Toolboxes for Pre Scale-up

Product Vision Toolbox

Before you start working in details on your business model and business plan, you should at least have a clear idea about what your product or service actually is.

For that purpose I have collected a few tool for product development. The toolbox also includes a list of tool for working with your customer understanding, so you can remind yourself who you are actually making it for.

Find tools in the Product Vision Toolbox…

Business Vision Toolbox

In workshop 2 we will work on developing a business vision.

Therefore I recommend that you check the Business Vision Toolbox….

Business System Toolbox

The business model and business plan usually focus on what the business should be, but not so much on how it should actually work behind the nice facade.

For that you need to think of your business as a system. Learn more about that in the Business System Toolbox…

Project Management Toolbox

Successful entrepreneurs are heavily biased towards action, so knowing what to do next is a crucial part of your planning.

Project management tools can give you a useful framework for that.

Find tools for action planning in the Project Management Toolbox…

Reality Check Toolbox

Your business model and business plan will probably imply a lot of assumptions which are often just more or less qualified guesswork.

To validate if you guesswork is correct, you may want to do some research and testing before you go all in.

See Reality Check Toolbox…


Pre Scale-up Toolbox

You will find tools and other resources in the Pre Scale-up Toolbox on Dropbox…