3 good books about sales and marketing for small businesses

In the recent Pre Scale-up workshop on 1 December we talked a lot about how to get the first customers for your business. We talked about both the core message and value proposition, and we talked about networking as a way to start new relations and find future customers – remember the SEE-LIKE-TRUST-TRY-BUY scenario. Meeting face to face may not be the fastet way to be seen by a lot, but is is a stronger way to build likability and trust.

During our discussions I mentioned a few good books about sales and marketing:

Duct Tape Marketing

A small business marketing classic by John Jantsch describing step by step what you need to do to set up your marketing as a small business. Very practical and non-theoretical.

About setting up your marketing collateral I also refer to one of the steps in Michael E. Gerbers system from The E-Myth: Design the Customer Experience…

The Referral Engine

Another book by John Jantsch focusing explicitly on how to make existing customers generate new customer leads for your business. It is from this book that I have the SEE-LIKE-TRUST-TRY-BUY-REPEAT-REFER model.

Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion

A book by Robert Cialdini describing what makes us more likely to say YES – to sales people and in life in general. So it is generally about how to make it harder to say no.




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