My Personal Vision

Step 1

Starting a business starts with YOU. New businesses usually grow from who the founders are, what they are good at – or want to become good at – and who they know.

This first step in developing your own business therefore should map your personal resources in order to build a solid foundation for your business.


If you run your own business there will be nobody to tell you what to do and only yourself to keep you motivated. Therefore it is important to build you business on personal desires, visions, values and objectives that will keep you motivated. It is detrimental to the energy and commitment in any business, if it is not in full compliance with the individual values.

Therefore, the purpose of this first step that you become aware of your own values and dreams for the future and that you share it with the team mates that you intend to work with.


The outcome of your work in this step will be posters containing:

  • Your skills and resources.
  • Your personal vision.


What to do?

To go through this first step, there are two major individual exercises:

Map your skills and resources

Take a large flip-sheet with posit notes containing:

  • Education – what do you know about from your education.
  • Practical and technical skills – what kind of relevant tools and technologies do you have experience in using. And to what degree.
  • Portfolio of experience – what kind of relevant projects and tasks – bigger or smaller – have you done or been involved in.
  • Personal and social skills – what kind of experience do you have in e.g. leadership, management, negotiation, creativity, project management, public speaking or other more personal and social skills.
  • Network – who do you know that could be or connect you to potential customers, partners etc.

Draw a pentagon on the sheet and draw five slices in it for each of the categories above. Write each skill or person etc. on a separate post-it note.


Make a vision poster for your ultimate future life

Take another large sheet of paper and make a poster – a moldboard – containing pictures, drawings and words illustrating your future life.

Being an entrepreneur is to choose the life you want to live. If you don’t consciously decide this before you start a business, you will need to do it later …

To get inspiration for your vision poster, you may ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do I want my life to be?
  • How do I want my life to be felt in everyday life?
  • What would I like to say that I really know nothing about my life – and my life?
  • How would I like to be to other people in my life – my family, my friends, my business partners, my clients, my community?
  • What would I like to see other people think of me?
  • What would I like to do in two years? About ten years? About twenty years?
  • What will I specifically want to learn in the course of my life – spiritual, physical, financial, technical, intellectually etc. – and about human relations?
  • How much money do I need if I am to do what I dream about? And when I need them?

Some alternative exercises could be:


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