The Entrepreneurship course is a course where you learn through entrepreneurship rather than learning about it.

This means that you have to take the role of an entrepreneur and accept the assumption that you are working on a real potential business – whether you actually are or not.

This means that at the end of the course you will present a new viable business project that you and your team can start up in real life if you want to.

The course will be structured in 3 blocks of 4 lectures.

Block 1: Fool Around

This is the creative phase where we search for and develop a lot of potential business ideas. We don’t care about money yet. We just try to find something that would be really interesting, attractive and funny to pursue.

We focus on defining the product or service to sell and the people we want to make it for.

Starting a business usually involves a lot of fooling around, and it often seems very hard to develop a lasting dedication to a project. So we will work on that.

At the end of this block (lecture 4)  you will present a potential business idea and a team that wants to work on it.

Block 2: Get strategic

In the second block we start working on the business model and we become more critical. And we start looking more on money and the business potential. We change mindset from designers to business people.

A lot of ideas may be good ideas from a user or society perspective, but just not strong enough to build a business on.

When we have defined how we think our could be a business it is also time to define what we need to test, research and learn more about.

At the end of this block you will present a business model, key numbers and other assumptions and your plan to test the assumptions.

Block 3: Get real



The third and final block is where we get out of the building and test our ideas and plans. Does it look real to others or only in our heads.

At the end of this block you make an investor presentation.





Entrepreneurship – VIA Horsens

Entrepreneurship – VIA Herning

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