Course description

Entrepreneurship – ENT X1 is a 5 ECTS course.

Main Purpose

The purpose of the course in entrepreneurship is to learn about the entrepreneurial process through

  • theories,
  • reflection and
  • practical exercises

enabling you to put the theories and reflections into practice by learning through entrepeneurship.

The aim is to make you aware that entrepreneurship is about taking action.

This requires an entrepreneurial mindset, and thereforeby necessity involves

  • professionalism,
  • personality,
  • identity and
  • values

to make business creation genuine and distinguish it from other companies and organisations.


You will obtain a profound understanding of how to use reflection in areas such as

  • innovation,
  • entrepreneurship,
  • establishing and qualifying a business identity,
  • understanding complexity in business,
  • leadership and
  • projects generating value on entrepreneurial processes.


After completing the course you will be able to

  • establish, identify and differentiate a business idea on practical as well as immaterial perspectives,
  • have integrated the entrepreneurial way of working on personal-, team and organisational level and
  • be able to use many sources and perspectives for creating value in projects, idea generation etc.


After completing the course, you will have acquired competences to

  • generate business ideas,
  • qualify business ideas,
  • reflect and
  • operationalize business ideas.

First, obtaining a fundamental knowledge of how entrepreneurship differs from traditional ways of thinking about business and how to handle complexity in relation to business business creation and personal characteristics related to the you and your business partners.



  • what is entrepreneurship,
  • how do you create meaningful work,
  • what is innovation and requirements for innovative processes,
  • project management and project competences,
  • the complexity of handling the business development and management of entrepreneurship.

Get a more specific overview of the topics in the

Teaching methods and study activities

During the semester you must work in groups to

  • develop
  • qualify and
  • concretize

a business idea and be able to conceptualize it into a business model.


You must continually write reflections in you logbook to follow the personal, professional and entrepreneurial progression throughout the course. A well-executed logbook is a prerequisite for being able to take the exam.


Furthermore the course will comprise of

  • lectures,
  • group work and
  • individual work.

It is required and necessary for the student to prepare thoroughly by reading the specified litterature (and multimedia) and the tasks wihich are specified in the prospectus.

All classes require this, and the specified litterature (and multimedia) is being used as the basis for further development in relation to entrepreneurship.

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