Exam and evaluation


Evaluation of students in the course will be based on:

  • An individual oral examination.
  • A submitted exam report of max. 5 pages.

The examination will be evaluated by internal/external examiners with reference to the Danish 7-step grading scale, which is equivalent to the ECTS grading system.


To be allowed to the exam you must hand in

  • An individual exam report.
  • A portfolio of background material.

Individual exam report

The basis of the examination will be an individual exam report.

Size: maximum 5 pages (1 page = 2400 characters).

Content: The report must be about the startup project that you have been working on during the course. You should select a topic or a combination of topics from the lecture plan for your exam report.

The report should cover reflections on both business aspects and more personal or process related aspects of starting a business.

The exam report must show both

  • personal reflections on being an entrepreneur.
  • understanding of analytical and theoretical tools related to the topic.
  • new real life learnings specific for the project.


In order to qualify for the exam each student must hand in:

  • An updated idea description (small business plan) about the project they have been working on during the course. The Idea Description/Business Plan is a group product.
  • An individual weekly Training Log specifying the practical, analytical and theoretical work done in the course.


The exam has a duration of 20 minutes including evaluation.

The examination will comprise of an individual student presentation based on the selcted topic for the exam report followed by a discussion between students and the examiners.

Grading criteria

It is crucial that the students show a high degree of independent ability to reflect both in the logbook and exam report. However, it is not a requirement a requirement that the exam report should include definitive solutions but rather devise possible ways in which to resolve the issued debated in the exam report, their potential benefits and drawbacks, and how these could be handled.

Grade A (12 for fulltime students) will be given for a very good performance with no or few and not important errors.

Grad E (02 for fulltime students) will be given for a just acceptable performance where at least half of the expected performance is reached.

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