Course overview Horsens


Block 1: Fooling Around

Workshop 1: Be somebody


…where you will search for ways to express yourself through Entrepreneurship.

Course introduction


Ideation workshop (people, technology, passion)

First ideas.

Read more about and finde resources for Workshop 1….

Workshop 2: Love somebody


…where you will search for somebody to care for in your business. 

Understand your customer – for inspiration and evaluation.

Ideation workshop (continued)

Effectuation principles.

More about understanding the customer…

Workshop 3: Build something


…where you will start creating something for somebody. 

Build a product or service that customers will actually love.

Ideation workshop (continued)


More about Workshop 3: Build something…

Workshop 4: Pitch something with somebody


…where you will present a problem and product or service to solve it…and where you will form a dedicated team to take it further!

Team contract and team roles.

Product Presentation or Sales Prospect Pitch.

Pitch Training.

Delivery: Product-Customer-poster + Team Training Log

More about Workshop 4: Pitch something with somebody…

Block 2: Get strategic

Workshop 5: Build a business Model


…where you will start defining how to make your product/service, how to sell it and how to make money. 

The business model.

Business development workshop.

More about Workshop 5: Build a Business Model….

Workshop 6: Pack Your Rucksack for the Real World


…where you will know what you don’t know and find out how to find out. 

Reality check.

Making allies.

Business development workshop (continued)

More about Workshop 6


Workshop 7: Quantify Your Business


…where you will turn your business model into numbers and see if it looks worthwhile.


Business development workshop (continued)

More about Workshop 7….


Deadline for hand-in to Idea Competition


Read more about the Idea Competition…

Delivery: Idea Description

Workshop 8: Pitch An Attractive Business


…where you will present something that looks like a realistic and attractive business opportunity. 

Build Your Legal Structure.

Business presentation and feedback.

Delivery: Assumptions and Test Catalogue 1 page + Team Training Log 

Block 3: Get Real

Workshop 9: Go To Market


Go to market strategies.

Workshop 10: Get Funded


The investor pitch.

Sources of funding.

Pivot or proceed workshop.

Workshop 11


Pivot or proceed workshop.

Prepare pitch.

Danish Entrepreneurship Award


Read more about Danish Entrepreneurship Award…

…and find practical information.

Workshop 12



This lecture may be replaced by participation in Danish Entrepreneurship Award. 

Final report

Delivery: Individual Report (Including Reality Check + Team Training Log) 

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