Workshop 1: Be somebody…

…where you will search for ways to express yourself through Entrepreneurship.


Your main outcome from this lecture will be:

  • An understanding of what entrepreneurship is.
  • An understanding of what makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial – how entrepreneurs think and act.
  • A practial experience in the entrepreneurial process.



  • Course introduction – form, content, rules and expectations, assignments and exam.
  • An entrepreneurial story for inspiration.
  • Creative workshop: Get to know each other and get ideas.
  • The first ideas on the wall.



Preparation for this workshop will be: Tap Your Idea Sources…



After this lecture you will have a lot of shitty ideas, but you have to get them out of your head to make room for the better ones…

Recommended Resources

The recommended resources for this lecture will not be discussed in class, but will serve as a general introduction to the field of entrepreneurship.


Saras Sarasvathy: What Makes Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial? – in my opinion the most important scientific article ever written about the way entrepreneurs think and act. YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE and remember THE PRINCIPLES.



Claus Meyer & Effectuation – a playlist of videos about effectuation principles based on a case about Danish serial entrepreneur Claus Meyer… It’s a fine combination of clever professors and a real life entrepreneur speaking.

Guy Kawasaki: The Art of the Start… This classic video from Stanford E-Corner is one of my favorites about the startup process and mindset. It gives you the highlights of Kawasaki’s bestseller The Art of the Start in 50 minutes. You can also se the speech in small clips on the E-Corner website starting with Make Meaning in Your Company….

David Heinemeier Hansson: Unlearn Your MBA – another one of my favorites from Stanford E-Corner where David Heinemeier Hansson from 37signals – now Basecamp – in explicit language gives his very personal views on starting and running a business. If find David – who is by the way also a Le Mans 24 hour-driver – inspiring, I strongly recommend the book Rework, that he wrote with his partner Jason Fried.


Apart from personality and behavior test, there are a number of tools that can help you get an idea about what kind of entrepreneurship would suit you:

  • Bird in Hand – use Sarasvathy’s Bird in Hand principle to start your search for business ideas.
  • Design Your Lifestyle – think about the life you want to live, before you start thinking about what kind of business can give you that lifestyle.
  • Find Your Purpose – a simple exercise to identify what you are good at and like doing. And what you should avoid doing…

Blog posts

Some of the blog posts in the Startup Sensei blog may also be helpful and inspire you to find the right kind of entrepreneurship for you:



If you want to go deep on this, I strongly recommend the following books (but you get the key points in the articles and videos mentioned above):

Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson: First some straight talk from entrepreneurs. Fast and easy to read and a lot of attitude. Loads of good advice in no particular order…

The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki: A more textbook like structure, but still straight talk and a lot of humor. It was my text book in an earlier version of the Entrepreneurship course…

…and the more academic approach in Effectuation by Saras Sarasvathy…

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