Workshop 2: Love somebody…

…where you will search for somebody to care for in your business. 


The purpose of this workshop is:

  • To understand your customers on a deeper level.
  • To understand whether your business idea solves an actual problem or meets a real need.
  • To use customer understanding for ideation and idea development.


This lecture may lead to different outcomes:

  • A clear understanding of who your customers should be and what it will take to make them happy.
  • You may realize that nobody or at least too few really want what you intend to offer – or that you need to need to find a different target group.
  • You may get an explosion of ideas to improve your product or service.



After an introduction to different tools, you will get at least two lectures to work on your ideas:

  • Case stories about understanding your customers (Could be: Sensohive, Bikematch, DreamFit, Lauge Jensen, Claus Meyer).
  • Tools for customer understanding (see under Resources below).
  • Workshop: Ideation and idea development continued (If you are already clear about your idea, you can start preparing a Problem Test).
  • Before we finish: The effectuation principles.


Recommended Resources

Tools for customer understanding

Testing tool

  • Problem test – you don’t need a finished solutions to start testing your idea. Just a general idea about the concept. You can start by finding out if you are actually solving a problem or meeting a need.




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