Workshop 3: Build Something…

…where you will start creating something for somebody. 


The purpose of this workshop is that you start building something – a product or service – that you can share with others in your team and outside. It can be physically, on paper or on a computer. Even services can be visualized, e.g. through video or storyboards.

If you only use words to describe your product or service, people will have different images in their minds.

The second purpose is to get an understanding, that a product is not just a physical thing. It is also a phenomenon in the customers mind.


The outcome of this workshop will be:

  • A visual representation of your product or service.
  • A better understanding of what your solution actually does for the customer.
  • A timeline that creates a vision for where the product will start and how it could evolve and maybe turn into a larger concept.



  • Cases of products – where they started and how they evolved – (E.g. Weightwatchers and cases from workshop 2).
  • Introduction to tools for product development (see Resources below).
  • Workshop: Ideation and idea workshop continued – focus on product development.
  • Before we finish: Some more mindset training.


Recommended Resources

Tools for product development


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