Workshop 4: Pitch Something to Somebody

…where you will present a problem and product or service to solve it…and where you will form a dedicated team to take it further!


The purpose of this workshop is:

  • to get you ready to pitch your product idea to potential customers in order to get feedback (or even sell if this is where you are).
  • to have a critical look at your team to find out what skills you may need to take the next steps.
  • to align the team around a specific vision and specific values and principles.
  • to define team roles in the further process.



After doing the work described in this workshop, you will have:

  • A Product Presentation and/or a Sales Prospect Pitch to present to customers.
  • A team contract.
  • Role descriptions for the team.



An introduction to the team contract and team roles.

Introduction to Product Presentation and Sales Prospect Pitch.


  • Work on your team contract and/or your product presentation/sales prospect pitch.
  • Train your pitch and let other groups act as potential customers.
Delivery: Product-Customer-poster + Team Training Log.



Recommended Resources

Personality and behavior tests

Take the DiSC Behavior Test…

…and to get a more specific description of your type, take the Typefinder Test…

Read the results and reflect on whether you agree to the description (especially in the Typefinder Test).

You may also want to work on some of the Tools for this workshop mentioned under Recommended Resources.


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