Workshop 5: Build A Business Model

Where the problem and the solution is the foundation of our business, the business model is the structure. It is how we make our idea work as a business. How should we sell it? How should we make it? And how are we going to make money? are the key questions in the business model.

In this workshop we will develop our business model – or maybe multiple alternative business models.



You well get a full business model for your business idea – and a few alternative business models.

You will get a list of assumptions to test – What do you need to find out first about your business idea?


What is a business model.

Prototype you business model.


Recommended Resources

Osterwalder & Pigneur: Business Model Generation.

Steve Blank: How to build a startup (online video course at Udacity). A brilliant supplement or alternative to reading Business Model Genration. Here at  you can also browse through Steve Blanks videos from the Business Model tool page…

Learn more about the specific elements of a business model:

Business Model overview

Business Model Elements:

And build your own business model with:

Canvanizer – you can also capture your business model canvas online at Canvanizer…

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