Project plans

A project is a number of tasks to be performed to achieve a specific purpose.

It can be big or small, long or short, but it should have a clear definition of when it is completed.

To be clear about what to do in a project, each project should have a project plan.

I suggest the following structure:



What is the purpose of the project? WHY are you doing it?


What are the principles, standards and values that should guide the project? HOW should it be performed?

Outome and vision

What should be the end result? WHAT will we have in hand or what will the world look like, when the project is successfully completed?


What are the activities that should be performed to do the project? What are the necessary resources? Who should be involved?

Brainstorm more or less randomly what you need to perform the project.


Organise your brainstorm and list things like:

  • Milestones
  • Activities related to achieve each milestones.
  • People involved
  • Necessary resources
  • Division of work and responsibility.

Next step

Always make sure that in every project that you have always defined a specific next action, so you don’t have to restart planning next time you have an hour or two to work on the project.

Don’t overdo project planning!

For smaller projects it may be overkill to make a full project plan, and it may be enough to define Outcome and Next Step.