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Work On Your Business, Not In It! Michael E. Gerber

If you build a business where only you and your partners can deliver the products or services that you offer – and where it will take a long time to train others to do the same – you will be stuck in a small business and become what Michael E. Gerber in his book The E-Myth calls at TECHNICIAN.

If you want to create a business that can grow fast, you must develop a system, that allows easy recruitment and fast training of new employees. That will allow you the role as MANAGER or TECHNICIAN instead.


Michael E. Gerber describes how you should build your business as a system in The Business Development Program. The program has seven steps briefly described below.

My Personal Vision
My Business Vision

Step 1

Building a business starts with you. Your skills, knowledge, passion and dreams for the future. In the first step of the process you will work on a vision for your future life.

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Step 2

A business is created twice. First in the mind of the founder and as a prototype on paper. After that it is created in real life. In step 2 of the process you will work on imagining your future business and describe you business as a prototype.

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Organize Your Business

Step 3

Your business is what you do in your business. So what should be done to create, and develop your business? In step 3 you define all the functions that needs to be undertaken in your business and you assign the different functions to the people in your team.

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Step 4

When you have defined WHAT needs to be done in your business, you will also need to think about HOW it should be done. In step 4 you will work on manuals and checklists for all the tasks that need to be standardized in your business.

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Design the Customer Interface

Step 5

Even if you have defined the WHAT and HOW in step 3 and 4, people in your organization may also ask WHY they should work hard on those tasks. Part of the WHY will be answered in step 2, but you will also need to consider a more detailed motivation system for your business. Rules and rewards that will make people do the right things in the right way and do the best to achieve the common goals.

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Step 6

Even the most well designed plan will never be a business if customers don’t see, like and trust you enough to actually buy something from you. Designing the Customer Interface is about designing what the customers will see, hear and in other ways sense when they meet and interact with your business.

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Set up your Systems 
The E-Myth Revisited

Step 7

At the end of the process of building your business, you will have built a system that produces happy customers and revenue for your business and for you. Setting up a system is about coordinating all the subsystems that you built in step 1-6 and make them work together as one big coherent system.

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