Business Vision Toolbox

A new business is usually created three times: In your mind, on paper and in real life.

The tools on this page will help you create you business on paper.

The Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas has since it was introduced in the book Business Model Generation by Osterwalder & Pigneur in 2010 become the standard way to visually map out how your business should work.

A big sheet of paper (or a printed version of the Business Model Canvas) and a block of post-it notes is a great way to start drafting you business.

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The Business Model Environment

No business is an island, so in the process of describing your business, you will also want to analyze the environment.

For that purpose Osterwalder & Pigneur also offer a nice framework for analyzing the Business Model Environment:

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The Business Plan

If you have defined your business model and the environment, you may not always need a business plan. A major difference between The Business Model Canvas + Environment is and the Business Plan is the format.

Where the Business Model Canvas is a 1-page poster, the business plan is a classic multipage document with more words and proper sentences.

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Apart from the business model + environment, the business plan also includes Project or Action Plans and Budgets


It is impossible to predict the revenue and profit of a startup, so why even try? Because budgets are not predictions. It makes much more sense to see them as financial simulations based on a set of assumptions. If x and y are true, then our revenue will be z.

In that way you will find out if your assumptions about the world is the foundation for a business.

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